Celebrate the beauty of Brazil from North to South, from East to West, and with all the colors found in nature. Our bracelet line is inspired on the beauty and strength of the Brazilian women,and the Brazilian fauna and flora. Beauty is a click away.

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The Brazilian designs on our line of necklaces is made to the woman of a diverse lifestyle. If during your day you have to wear many different hats, we have a whole line as diverse as your day. No time to hesitate - go right in.

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Earrings are the ultimate sign of confidence and beauty. They are the one item that tells a lot about a person. Inspired by the diversity of Brazil, our earrings will send the right message, always. What is the message you want to send today?

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Golden Grass

The Capim Dourado is the new big hit in European fashion. Harvest only in the northwest of Brazil, the Golden Grass shows how rich our nature is and how organic beauty should be. Golden Grass is the new trend - who wants to go first?

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About Wild Berry

WildBerryEcoJewelry is a home-based business focused on handmade jewelry from Brazil. Our goal is to create a great line of jewelry using only items that grow in trees - yes - there is great beauty in nature that can be used without hurting it.

I hope you enjoy our line - every item has been hand-picked by us and we have placed a lot of love in our site and products.

Love to all


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Our Values

WildBerryEcoJewelry's mission is to bring to the world the beauty, strength, diversity, and creativity found in Brazil, by the hands of the Brazilian people that present their art and culture in great-looking fashion jewelry.

Love to all.