At WildBerryEcoJewelry we are committed to bringing our customers the latest in Eco-Fashion Jewelry from Brazil at the very best prices. As a home-based business with offices in Bend, Oregon and Sao Paulo, Brazil, we are in the unique position of being able to discover and deliver some of the most creative and beautiful pieces of jewelry.

It is that creativity and beauty, along with the phenomenal spirit of the women and men of Brazil, that inspires our line of products. Each piece you see here has been hand-made by these artisans, who design and craft Eco-Fashion jewelry using various elements of the natural world around them.

Whether it’s an Acai Bracelet, a Golden Grass Bangle, or Coconut Earrings, or any of the other hand-crafted pieces, our line has something special for everyone.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service stems from our deep appreciation and respect for our customers. Whether this is your first visit to our site, or if you are a returning customer, we hope you will see and feel that commitment and we hope our service will keep you coming back.

Please enjoy browsing our site, and feel free to contact us anytime at We would love to hear from you.


Milena Burnquist Ziober